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1.4.11 [2007-05-01] eWebEditor Version 4.80

l          It is improved with advanced host file review and share bank function buttons to take full advantage of existed and share files, including images library, flash library, multi-media library and enclosure library and with super interface effect: folder directory tree, four file types and multiple review modes, eight file arrangement ways and to display file types in icons. File review modes include detailed material mode, list mode, icon mode and thumbnail mode. And the thumbnail mode supports to preview the image and flash. Files can be ranged by name, type, file size and the time order of modification. Every arrangement has positive arrangement and reverse order. You can set the function to be enabled or disable in the background.

l          Add 11 languages. Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

l          Add the functional button of interface call of IeSpell spelling checkup.

l          Add the functional button for printing page break.

l          Add case toggle functional button and meanwhile accurate positioning with cursor point.

l          Optimize font size, name and color by style. Employ SPAN tab, which is complying with standard instead of FONT tab.

l          Optimize multiple-language interface, making dialog interface much nice-looking in different languages.

l          Solve the problem that the background picture dialog box failed to optimize to display user interface according to the background setup.

l          Solve the problem that local pictures cannot be previewed in IE7.

l          Solve the problem that error may occur to the parameter value of self-defined uploaded file path port.

l          Friendly optimized users, and enhance the pictures' real-time preview.

l          Solve the problem that error occurs to text paste when you copy a control package.

l          ASP Version. It solves the repetition problem that may occur when there are huge contents.