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1.4.18 [2004-09-01] eWebEditor Version 3.00

l          Pure still webpage plus interface processing mode optimize greatly the applications integration structure. Foreground solely applied still webpage with html which enhance effectiveness greatly.

l          With multi-language support and application of language package structure, eWebEditor can automatically choose the language interface according to the client's operating system language. Currently it has three language packages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.

l          Substitute data base saving mode with textual files data saving mode. You no longer need to care about the types of data under system environment. It is more convenient for platform transplant. When adding to product, it settles problem of one system requiring two data base.

l          Entire separation of foreground from background. If you want to add eWebEditor to your product publishing, you can just simply delete background management program without effecting the foreground operation.

l          Grand new process mechanism and upload API to solve the problem of repeatedly submitting tables when applying remote automatic upload.

l          Repair all known bugs.