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The examples of code in the example directory include:

  1. Demo of Calling by Standard (_example/standard.asp)
  2. Demo of Calling by Pop-up windows (_example/popup.asp)
  3. Demo of Remote Files Auto-uploading (_example/remote.asp)
  4. Demo of Client API (_example/clientapi.asp)
  5. Demo of Interface for Uploading Files (_example/para_file.asp)
  6. Demo of Interface for Uploading Files Dialog(_example/dlg_upload.asp)
  7. Demo of Interface for Citing External Style (_example/para_extcss.asp)
  8. Demo of Form Receiving (All demo's form will submit to this page) (_example/retrieve.asp)
  9. Demo of Processing Pagination (_example/pagination.asp)
  10. Create and Destroy Editor Instances for Ajax Applications (_example/ajax.asp)
  11. Replace Textarea Or Div Elements Using JavaScript Code (_example/replacebycode.asp)
  12. Replace Textarea Elements by Class Name (_example/replacebyclass.asp)

More relative online URL addresses: