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1.2.1 Enterprise Benefits

l   License with Human Factor
We provide you three kinds of software license, which are the easiest to operate and the most acceptable. Considering the customer's interface needs, we allow customers to delete our copyright mark. In that way, your client will not be forced to be informed that the software is developed by us. Thus it will be more convenient for eWebEditor integration product to be sold out in the market.

l   Absolutely no end-user training.
eWebEditor's operational interface for the end-user is very simple. It is very similar to Microsoft Word, the currently popular desktop text editing software, with which the customer can fulfill text editing work by simply clicking several buttons. As long as your customer is capable of using Microsoft Word, he/she will be able to use eWebEditor.

l   Time and Money Saving
It only takes small amount of money to buy this excellent online editing system, which we have developed, tested and consummated for many years. It will be very unwise for you to waste money and time on developing it by yourself. You can put those money and time saved by eWebEditor into your application system to achieve more business value.

l   International Strategy
Using UTF-8 supporting multi-language code, eWebEditor not only guarantees application for your enterprise in local market, but also speeds up your paces in global market. As long as you own a package of eWebEditor, your enterprise can get worldwide online editing solutions.

l   Pass costs onto your clients.
Simply add the cost of eWebEditor to your clients invoice. It's a small price to pay for the power to update their own web site, whenever they like.

l   Unlimited Integration
eWebEditor can integrate with any web based application system. Wherever there is a need to publish online, eWebEditor can be applied, such as content management system, forum system, email system, etc. That means the software of WebEditor can provide you a whole perfect online edit solution.

l   Undated Support
We provide undated technical support to every customer. Whenever you encounter any problem on usage, please feel free to contact us. Even when your company changes some developers, you do not need to worry about the problem a new comer may encounter.