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What's eWebEditor? Online HTML Editor.
eWebEditor is an advanced online browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editor. It enables Web developers to replace your standard Textarea to a rich textbox. This rich editing tool empowers end users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content. eWebEditor is totally configurable and it is also effortless to implement. It is so easy to use eWebEditor that all you have to do is just to add a single line of code before calling. ASP/PHP/JSP/ASP.NET is available.
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  • Enhanced Visualized Setting (Demo)
    We offer you an enhanced background management configuration application. Through visualized interface, you can easily realize customization of the editor's toolbar and other preference attribute settings. Such kind of function is unique. None of the similar product in the market has this function. eWebEditor is the only online editor with visualized setting.

  • More than 120 Functional Buttons
    Basically eWebEditor includes almost all functional buttons for an editor such as copy, cut, paste, table, image, file, font, and color etc. Further more, we keep on adding more.

  • Easy Implementation
    eWebEditor can be operated easily. It only needs one line of code to finish the call of eWebEditor, and it only takes less than 5 minutes to complete the integration process with your current content management system.

  • International Multi-language Support (Demo)
    eWebEditor encapsulates languages in forms of language packages, in order that a proper language interface can be chosen automatically according to the language of client's operating system. It can automatically adjust the size of interface and solve the problem of different interface sizes caused by different character lengths. You can also customize the name and size of default font for every language to optimize dialog box 'es displaying effect. In that way, eWebEditor does realize total customization of language packages.
    At the same time, by applying UTF-8 code, eWebEditor is able to integrate with not only international products of UTF-8 code, but also local products of non-UTF-8 code.

  • Perfect API (Demo)
    As a super online editing module, eWebEditor provides perfect API that can satisfy advanced customers' needs. Through API you can control and get the editor's real time content or status.

  • Relative or Absolute URLs (Demo)
    For online editor, the issue of paths has always been a difficult problem. Almost all the content links made by the online editors in market are full absolute paths with domain name, such as http://www.x.com/x/x.gif. eWebEditor solved the problem successfully. All you have to do is simply to choose one from relative path, absolute root path and full absolute path. Thus you get certainly away from path problem caused by transfer of sites, systems or directories.

  • Enclosed Files Uploading Function
    In eWebEditor, all functions concerning files such as source of images, source of media files, source of affix etc, have enclosed the function of uploading directly from client to server.

  • Automatically Get Remote Files (Demo)
    With function of getting remote files automatically, you can upload files from other server to your own server without worrying about that other site may be closed or the local links do not exist, furthermore you do not need to download files before uploading, for all the process will run automatically.

  • Thumbnail Image (Demo)
    When you run the thumbnail function, an large picture you upload will automatically create into a small one by system, which will speed up the loading and never zoom on website. Meanwhile this thumbnail will auto link to the big one and decrease according to the width and length proportion of original picture.

  • Text Watermark and Image Watermark (Demo)
    A real great tool to protect picture copyright for you. This function adds text and image watermark for your uploaded pictures and it is convenient to set up alignment, transparency, and font size and invocation condition.

  • Image Hot Link (Demo)
    The application of image hot link in eWebEditor is absolutely an original idea in all online editor software. eWebEditor has the function of image hot link in online editing that means different areas in one picture can be linked to several URLs respectively.

  • Artistic Fonts
    With this function, you can achieve a super visual effect by inserting artistic text similar to the effect of artistic fonts in Microsoft Word for your webpage. You can also set and modify the font's name, size, color, and effect etc.

  • Strong Function in Table Making
    Create and modify tables and table cells. Set their border color, alignment, cell spacing and more. Once you've created a table, simply right click inside of it and use the handy popup menu to change its attributes. Functional buttons concerning table include Insert Table, Table Properties, Cell Properties, Split Cell, Row Properties, Insert Row Above, Insert Row Below, Merge Row Below, Split Row, Delete Row, Insert Column Left, Insert Column Right, Merge Column Right, Split Column, and Delete Column.

  • Support for multiple instances (Demo)
    You can place as many instances of eWebEditor in a form as you require. The style configuration of every instance can be different.

  • Powerful control on font style (Demo)
    The font name and font size are enhanced and controlled by CSS Style Sheets and you can define fonts size at random instead of limited size scope from one to seven, as well modify the font effect from Word document.

  • Unlimited optimized undo and redo (Demo)
    It realizes new undo and redo functions and supports endless undo and redo, supports cursor positioning and mode toggle positioning. With intact undo and redo modes, it includes the redo of unit step dialog operation; and the redo of size adjusting by dragging object, etc.

  • Import from Word (Demo)
    By Word document import function, you can import the Word document content, which you have prepared to editor at a time. Pictures and tables and other files will be auto uploaded to server. Furthermore when importing, it provides options to ask for whether to keep VML format or not for you actual publishing application needs. And it can perform the shift from Word document to HTML and importing by one press instead of reenter and any complicated operations.

  • Import from Excel (Demo)
    With the import function of Excel table, you can import the appointed worksheet in the ready Excel table to editor at a time. Pictures and charts and other files in Excel table will auto upload to server. Furthermore when importing, it provides options to ask for whether to keep VML format or not for you actual publishing application needs. And it can perform the shift from Excel worksheet to HTML and importing by one press instead of reenter and any complicated operations.

  • Image Gallery / Flash Gallery / Media Gallery / File Gallery (Demo)
    View image gallery dialog box interface is similar to that of Windows explorer. It is simple to use. In the left it is a tree-like classification directory list and in the right it is the files of the selected folder. In this dialog box you can arrange files in positive sequence or reverse order according to files name, files class, modifying time and file size. There are thumbnail, detailed data, list and icon, four modes for your choice.

  • What's New?
    1.eWebEditor Version 8.0 is now available.
    2.Now, you can download product updates from the client area.
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
    eWebEditor Manual Version 8.0 (PDF) [1.83MB]
    Online Demos
    Getting Started
    Software Provided Style
    Backend Administration
    Basic Examples
    Create/Destroy/Replace for Ajax
    Pop-up Windows' Call
    Multiple Editors in one page
    Localization / Multi-language
    Image Hot Link
    Paragraph Attribute
    Powerful control on font style
    Insert Template
    Advanced Topics
    Paging Management
    Screen Capture and Upload
    One-key Typesetting
    Paste Special/Paste Picture
    Flash Self-Checking/FLV
    Fix width of editing area
    Hide editor on load
    Get Remote Files Automatically
    Relative/Absolute URLs
    Thumbnail Image
    Image/Text Watermark
    Mixing typeset of Image and text
    Unlimited optimized undo and redo
    Local file auto upload
    Import/Paste from Word
    Import/Paste from Excel
    Image/Flash/Media/File Gallery
    Autogrow depending on content
    Advanced Security Session API
    Uploading File Dialog API
    Read-only State
    Client API
    Getting Uploaded Files
    Citing External Style Sheets
    Actual Application
    News Management System
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  • 12 months free support
    All purchases come with 12 months of free email support directly from our developers.

  • 12 months free updates
    All purchases come with 12 months of free updates which can be downloaded instantly from our client area.

  • 100% Private Label
    Modify the look, colors and logo of eWebEditor to match your company look and feel.

  • Immediate Download
    When you purchase eWebEditor you can download it immediately so that you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Secure ordering
    Our ordering process is handled by PayPal. PayPal is world class payment processors with exceptional security and service.

  • Money-back guarantee
    If at any time within 30 days of your purchase, you are unhappy with your product, simply let us know and we will refund your money back, no questions asked!

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