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Powerful control on font style

The font name and font size are enhanced and controlled by CSS Style Sheets and you can define fonts size at random instead of limited size scope from one to seven, as well modify the font effect from Word document.


  1. The similar online editor product in the market at home and abroad, provides only a limited font size choice from one to seven basically. And they employ <FONT SIZE=1> tag. Font size set by such tag is subject to change according to the default font size set by explorer. What you publish is in big size for someone and in small size for another people. In contrast, the font size of eWebEditor defined by Style is fixed and will not change as the change of the explorer default setup.
  2. Font style control is completely based on the area you select. The setup of font name and size is valid in your selected content and you can select across paragraph, table and other elements. This is eWebEditor's original technology. At present there is on other similar product at home or abroad, which has fulfill such function. If they have style control function, it is just certain single tab-oriented.

Important test:

  1. Copy a paragraph from Word document in which there are various set font size and paste it in the editing area. Next select several paragraphs and click the font name or size in the toolbar of editing area to set font size. The font name and size will change correspondently according to your setup. Try it in other similar product. If the size scope is from one to seven and controlled by <FONT SIZE>, you cannot set it. We choose paragraphs from Word to test and explain it for the formats setup in Word is the most complicated and there are many limitations in code. Through testing Word document it can show problems better. Surely you can copy test content from other website or type in content manually. About Word copy and paste and import, please refer to the details in sector "Word document import".
  2. Note that to select multiple paragraphs significantly differs from selecting characters in one paragraph.
  3. Generally, if you want to change the font size of whole document, the operation is fairly simple. Press CTRL+A to select all and next click the size you need. It will be done then.
  4. The developers can predefine the font name and size in the pull-down box and furthermore set up different pull-down options subject to different languages.
  5. To compare the effect created by FONT SIZE and style control, you can after editing click IE View menu and next click font size, then choose Max/larger/medium/smaller/min in displayed page, and toggle several times to check whether the size has been changed. The changed one is control by <FONT SIZE>; otherwise it is controlled by style.

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