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eWebEditor is a browser based HTML editor that you can use to replace regular <textarea> tags in all web based applications including Content Management Systems, E-mail systems and discussion forums. eWebEditor is a WYSIWYG online editor. Just as WYSIWYG applying, it can be employed in online text and image edit such as editing articles, news, pasted discussion articles, announcement, and memo etc.

End User/Editing Features

  • Relative or Absolute URLs
    For online editor, the issue of paths has always been a difficult problem. Almost all the content links made by the online editors in market are full absolute paths with domain name, such as http://www.xxx.com/xxx/xxx.gif. eWebEditor solved the problem successfully. All you have to do is simply to choose one from relative path, absolute root path and full absolute path. Thus you get certainly away from path problem caused by transfer of sites, systems or directories.
  • Image Hot Link
    The application of image hot link in eWebEditor is absolutely an original idea in all online editor software. eWebEditor has the function of image hot link in online editing that means different areas in one picture can be linked to several URLs respectively.
  • Enclosed Files Uploading Function
    In eWebEditor, all functions concerning files such as source of images, source of media files, source of affix etc, have enclosed the function of uploading directly from client to server.
  • Automatically Get Remote Files
    With function of getting remote files automatically, you can upload files from other server to your own server without worrying about that other site may be closed or the local links do not exist, furthermore you do not need to download files before uploading, for all the process will run automatically.
  • Artistic Fonts
    With this function, you can achieve a super visual effect by inserting artistic text similar to the effect of artistic fonts in Microsoft Word for your webpage. You can also set and modify the font's name, size, color, and effect etc.
  • Clever Paste
    eWebEditor has three types of paste ways: common paste, plain text paste, Word style paste. If the content in clipboard is in the form of Word, there will be a suggestive question to ask you whether to delete Word format, because if the document of Word format has been pasted, the size of HTML files will be very huge and number of redundant codes will be great too.
  • Size Self-adaptation
    eWebEditor can self-adapt the editor's size according to your setting of width and height. Especially for height, it becomes more convenient to be called. This can be regarded as a unique feature, as many editors do not have this function, which makes the webpage look better.
  • Multi-editing Mode
    eWebEditor has 4 types of editing mode: HTML code mode, visualized design mode, plain text mode, and preview mode, which can meet all the application requirements.
  • State Remain
    Nowadays, in many online editors, if your submission request failed in verification of the server, then when you click on back button, the former edited content in editor would be lost. But in eWebEditor the edited state will be remained to reset when you click on reset button.
  • More than 100 Functional Buttons
    Basically eWebEditor includes almost all functional buttons for an editor such as copy, cut, paste, table, image, file, font, and color etc. Further more, we keep on adding more.
  • Unforced Error Pop-up
    If user is not using IE5.5 or above, a normal <TextArea> tag is shown instead
  • Graphical User Interface
    Simple to use. Everything is point and click. No programming skills required. No technical knowledge required.
  • Strong Function in Table Making
    Create and modify tables and table cells. Set their border color, alignment, cell spacing and more. Once you've created a table, simply right click inside of it and use the handy popup menu to change its attributes. Functional buttons concerning table include Insert Table, Table Properties, Cell Properties, Split Cell, Row Properties, Insert Row Above, Insert Row Below, Merge Row Below, Split Row, Delete Row, Insert Column Left, Insert Column Right, Merge Column Right, Split Column, and Delete Column.
  • Right Click Menu
    Right click popup menus inside the eWebEditor control make it look and feel like a Windows-based HTML editor. You can right click to cut/copy/paste; modify table/link/image properties and more.
  • Button Menu
    For the sake of concision of interface, we put all buttons into several menu buttons according to its functional classification. So you just need one line of tool bars to realize all the function of our editing buttons, the same as the Mini Style we provide you.
  • Paragraph Properties
    eWebEditor supports you customize the paragraph properties, which include margin, alignment, line height, text indent, and word spacing.
  • Relative Position and Layer
    In editing, you can set the object in relative position mode and make adjustment to the layer in order to produce webpage with object-overlapping effect.
  • Link, Anchor
    eWebEditor offers effective link and anchor management function. You can set up and modify various properties. Especially you can make and manage anchor in webpage to make link to the current page. Such kind of function rarely exits in other similar editors.
  • Dialog Box Automatic Adjustment
    As numbers of character and client's browser may be different, the size of the pop-up dialog box cannot be fixed. If it is fixed, some user may see a very small interface with text out of boundary, while other user may see a very large interface with too small letters. That will not be a question to eWebEditor for it has the function of dialog box automatic adjustment. Even when the language package changes or the client uses WinXP/Win2000, eWebEditor can ensure the interface of dialog box looks integrated and suitable.
  • Full-screen Editing
    When editing large size of text document, you may often feel inconvenient for the editing area is too small. eWebEditor can open a full-screen editing windows for you, you can return after editing and saving. That would be more humanistic.

Developer Features

  • Multi-style Support
    What you need is just eWebEditor in your website's several application systems. eWebEditor offers you several styles. You can customize different styles in different places. The style here refers to series of example preferences and interface configurations.
  • User-defined Function Interface
    User can customize toolbar, button, interface and other various application configurations. You can customize those functions according your own needs, such as the number of buttons on toolbar, whether to show status bar, the path mode of uploading files, path for saving files, permitted extended name and size, whether to create thumbnail, and whether to make image watermark etc.
  • Enhanced Visualized Setting
    Just the same as the style configuration mentioned above, we offer you an enhanced background management configuration application. Through visualized interface, you can easily realize customization of the editor's toolbar and other preference attribute settings. Such kind of function is unique. None of the similar product in the market has this function. eWebEditor is the only online editor with visualized setting.
  • Easy to add to existing applications.
    The perfect addition to any browser based applications! You just need a couple lines of code to add this editor to your application.
  • Super easy to install.
    Just copy the files to your web server. You should be up and running in minutes.
  • International Multi-language Support
    eWebEditor encapsulates languages in forms of language packages, in order that a proper language interface can be chosen automatically according to the language of client's operating system. It can automatically adjust the size of interface and solve the problem of different interface sizes caused by different character lengths. You can also customize the name and size of default font for every language to optimize dialog box 'es displaying effect. In that way, eWebEditor does realize total customization of language packages.
    At the same time, by applying UTF-8 code, eWebEditor is able to integrate with not only international products of UTF-8 code, but also local products of non-UTF-8 code.
  • Support for multiple instances
    You can place as many instances of eWebEditor in a form as you require. The style configuration of every instance can be different.
  • Support for Multi-interface Effect
    eWebEditor provide you 2 series of button image and 9 kinds of style effect, with which you can achieve 18 kinds of interface effect. Of course, you can make more DIY effects.
  • Perfect API
    As a super online editing module, eWebEditor provides perfect API that can satisfy advanced customers' needs. Through API you can control and get the editor's real time content or status.
  • Optimized Structure
    eWebEditor adopt advanced separation structure of foreground and background. Foreground only takes the form of still webpage with html format. With server's advanced functional interface, this structure boosts applications effectiveness and has great user-defined function. Furthermore it also makes eWebEditor easy to integrate with your product.
  • Popup Windows Calling Mode
    You can use popup windows calling mode to edit HTML content in the common input box <textarea>. After being edited, HTML code can return to input box <textarea> automatically. This kind of mode will be good for the layout of interface and speed of loading in the whole webpage.
  • Super Upload Files Setting
    With configuration background management of eWebEditor, you can set various upload preferences, which include the type of upload files, upload path, whether to create directory automatically, selection of upload packs, the permitted size of upload files, whether to use watermark, and whether to use thumbnail etc.
  • Thumbnail and Watermark Function
    In our background, you can select whether to unlock the thumbnail and watermark function, that is to say under some conditions it can be used, and without these conditions it cannot be used. Watermark function has two options that are text watermark and image watermark. When you choose text watermark, you can set the font style, font size, font color and shadows etc.
  • Support Large Size Textual Document
    Under the environment of ASP, the input box usually has the limitation of 102399 bytes (about 100k). When the size is out of this limitation, the textual content cannot be submitted nor obtained. On theory, eWebEditor supports unlimited large size textual document.
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