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Unlimited optimized undo and redo

It realizes new undo and redo functions and supports endless undo and redo, supports cursor positioning and mode toggle positioning. With intact undo and redo modes, it includes the redo of unit step dialog operation; and the redo of size adjusting by dragging object, etc.


  1. Undo and redo is one of required functions of edition. The handy function operation enables you to get twice result with half effort. Otherwise your painstaking efforts will never recover after undo.
  2. eWebEditor supports endless undo and redo, cursor positioning following and mode toggle positioning. With perfect processing function it definitely is the best solution among similar products.


A basic function can mostly represent the best enthusiastic in development. Without comparisons, it will not reflect the powerful and delicate advantages of eWebEditor. The tests we provide below will help you do comparison among similar products.

  1. It has the same hotkeys as the standard and commonly used software, such as pressing CTRL+Z to undo and CTRL+Y to redo. Type in several paragraphs and ceaselessly undo and redo. When operating, press Arrow key at random or moving the cursor position, see whether you have to press CTRL+Z or CTRL+Y repeatedly to return.
  2. Support cursor positioning. When undo or redo, the cursor will turn to last operation position. This function is much more significant for edition of a number of contents and multiple screens. After undo or redo, you needn't to search for your last operation position across whole passage.
  3. Support mode toggle positioning. You can toggle in "design" and "code" modes, and repeatedly press (CTRL+Z) or (CTRL+Y), you will find it keep undoing or redoing and with cursor followed.
  4. Object dragging redo. Insert a picture or a table or other objects in editor and then drag to adjust its size or to other locations. Then press CTRL+Z, the size adjustment or location changing will be eliminated.
  5. Redo of unit step dialog operation. Generally a dialog box of one property is provided a number of setting options. These setups are set each time you click "OK" after operation. When you choose undo, it is to undo the whole operation, not a single property. Try this test: try to insert a table with three rows and three columns, next right click the first cell, click "Insert Row Below" or "Split Cell", after that press (CTRL+Z). The effect is to undo the whole operation. And try it in other similar products, the result would be that either it fails to do it or it undoes falsely. It happens to other properties dialog box. You may try more property dialog box.

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