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1.2.2 Developer Benefits

l   Easy Usage
eWebEditor can be operated easily. It only needs one line of code to finish the call of eWebEditor, and it only takes less than 5 minutes to complete the integration process with your current content management system.

l   Visualized Customization
eWebEditor's user can customize the number of buttons on toolbar, displaying the status bar or not, the size of upload files, the path of upload files, effect of interface etc.
The major difference from other similar products lies in the feature that all these settings are visible. We offer you a strong background management system, which can manage various configurations of eWebEditor, in that way, developer can customize eWebEditor without any modification to the code.
You may spend several days or several weeks to know other editors' code preference before you can make some simple customization. What makes it worse is that you have to spend long time to do reviewing when you want to modify the customization next time, since several days later you may have forgotten the code preference. But using eWebEditor's visualized customization, the developer's workload will be reduced greatly.

l   Perfect API
As a super online editing module, eWebEditor provides perfect API that can satisfy advanced customers' needs. Through API you can control and get the editor's real time content or status.

l   Code Criterion
As a software product, eWebEditor always emphasize the importance of code criterion in program coding. We believe what we need is not only a software application, but a code criterion. So in the process of consummating the product, we keep on perfecting our code criterion such as making suitable notation and setting up sound organization structure. These criterions not only can be the study reference for programmers, but also can help the product further development.

l   Whole Document
eWebEditor offers a detailed and vivid instruction documents, which include End-user Manual, Development Manual, FAQ and some examples. With these documents, you can understand function of every item and apply it in your own system. If these instruction documents cannot solve your problem, you can contact us for technical support at any time.