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1.3.2 Developer Features

l   Multi-style Support
What you need is just eWebEditor in your website's several application systems. eWebEditor offers you several styles. You can customize different styles in different places. The style here refers to series of example preferences and interface configurations.

l   User-defined Function Interface
User can customize toolbar, button, interface and other various application configurations. You can customize those functions according your own needs, such as the number of buttons on toolbar, whether to show status bar, the path mode of uploading files, path for saving files, permitted extended name and size, whether to create thumbnail, and whether to make image watermark etc.

l   Enhanced Visualized Setting
Just the same as the style configuration mentioned above, we offer you an enhanced background management configuration application. Through visualized interface, you can easily realize customization of the editor's toolbar and other preference attribute settings. Such kind of function is unique. None of the similar product in the market has this function. eWebEditor is the only online editor with visualized setting.

l   Easy to add to existing applications.
The perfect addition to any browser based applications! You just need a couple lines of code to add this editor to your application.

l   Super easy to install.
Just copy the files to your web server. You should be up and running in minutes.

l   International Multi-language Support
eWebEditor encapsulates languages in forms of language packages, in order that a proper language interface can be chosen automatically according to the language of client's operating system. It can automatically adjust the size of interface and solve the problem of different interface sizes caused by different character lengths. You can also customize the name and size of default font for every language to optimize dialog box 'es displaying effect. In that way, eWebEditor does realize total customization of language packages.
At the same time, by applying UTF-8 code, eWebEditor is able to integrate with not only international products of UTF-8 code, but also local products of non-UTF-8 code.

l   Support for multiple instances
You can place as many instances of eWebEditor in a form as you require. The style configuration of every instance can be different.

l   Support for Multi-interface Effect
eWebEditor provide you 2 series of button image and 9 kinds of style effect, with which you can achieve 18 kinds of interface effect. Of course, you can make more DIY effects.

l   Perfect API
As a super online editing module, eWebEditor provides perfect API that can satisfy advanced customers' needs. Through API you can control and get the editor's real time content or status.

l   Optimized Structure
eWebEditor adopt advanced separation structure of foreground and background. Foreground only takes the form of still webpage with html format. With server's advanced functional interface, this structure boosts applications effectiveness and has great user-defined function. Furthermore it also makes eWebEditor easy to integrate with your product.

l   Popup Windows Calling Mode
You can use popup windows calling mode to edit HTML content in the common input box<textarea>. After being edited, HTML code can return to input box<textarea> automatically. This kind of mode will be good for the layout of interface and speed of loading in the whole webpage.

l   Super Upload Files Setting
With configuration background management of eWebEditor, you can set various upload preferences, which include the type of upload files, upload path, whether to create directory automatically, selection of upload packs, the permitted size of upload files, whether to use watermark, and whether to use thumbnail etc.

l   Thumbnail and Watermark Function
In our background, you can select whether to unlock the thumbnail and watermark function, that is to say under some conditions it can be used, and without these conditions it cannot be used. Watermark function has two options that are text watermark and image watermark. When you choose text watermark, you can set the font style, font size, font color and shadows etc. 

l   Support Large Size Textual Document
Under the environment of ASP, the input box usually has the limitation of 102399 bytes (about 100k). When the size is out of this limitation, the textual content cannot be submitted nor obtained. On theory, eWebEditor supports unlimited large size textual document.