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2.1 InterfaceOverview

The interface of WYSIWYG online editor can be mainly divided into the three following parts:


l   Toolbar

On the top of the editor, there is a toolbar which mainly consists of various editing function options and button icons. When you want to add or modify the contents in editing area, all you have to do is just to click on the icons or make relative options.

l   Editing Area

In the middle empty space of the editor, there is an editing area which is mainly for you to input or edit the contents. All the editing contents are WYSIWYG. But under editing condition, some parts of the contents such as moving images, texts and media can only display in still states, which will display in real reappearance when you transfer to preview.

l   Status Bar

In the bottom of the editor, there is status bar which mainly contains button icons for transforming editor's states. The editor's states can be divided into code state, editing code (by default), text state and preview state. The detailed function of every state can be found in "Help directory of Instructions for Status Bar".