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2.11 Working with AbsolutelyPositioned Elements

Dynamic HTML includes cascading style sheet (CSS) features that allow HTML elements to be absolutely positioned on a page, independent of their position within the HTML stream. An absolutely positioned HTML element has its CSS POSITION style attribute set to absolute instead of static. Absolutely positioned elements also have a z-index, which specifies the visual order of overlapping absolutely positioned elements and how absolutely positioned elements are ordered relative to elements in the HTML stream.

The following elements can be absolutely positioned: APPLET, BUTTON, DIV, EMBED, HR, IFRAME, IMG, INPUT, MARQUEE, OBJECT, SELECT, SPAN, TABLE, TEXTAREA, FIELDSET.

The absolutely positioned editing commands will have no effect on elements other than these. Absolute positioning does not apply to design-time controls.


l   Changing the Z-Index

You can call commands to change the z-index of the selected absolutely positioned element relative to the other absolutely positioned elements in its container. These commands modify the selected element's z-index as listed below.

n   Bring Forward: Increments the z-index (and adjusts the z-index of other elements).

n   Send Backward: Decrements z-index (and adjusts the z-index of other elements)


l   Moving Absolutely Positioned Elements

The user can move an absolutely positioned element by selecting it and dragging it to a specific position on the page. After an element has been positioned the Editing Component updates the element's LEFT and TOP style attributes to reflect the new position.