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2.3.1 Insert/Modify Link

Icon: *

Click this button; the following pop-up dialog box will appear.

Inserts a new or edit an existing hyperlink. If text or an image is selected, the command converts it into a link. When this command is executed, the Hyperlink dialog box is displayed to allow the user to type or modify the name of the target file and the protocol. The Hyperlink Dialog Box allows you to specify the following information:

l   Link Type - Specifies the protocol to use when you create a link. The following table lists protocols for common types of links.

http: - Jump to another Web page
http: - Jump to a bookmark on another page
(other) - Jump to a bookmark on the current page
file: - Download a file and open it
mailto: - Send e-mail
ftp:, gopher:, telnet:, or wais: - Access other Internet resources Protocol


l   URL - Specifies the Universal Resource Locator (URL) for the link. Enter the URL to a file in the URL text box. Use the following guidelines for entering URLs.

For Web pages and files, specify the server, path, and full file name (including extension), in the format //Server/Path/File.ext, as in this example:

For bookmarks on another page, specify a Web page in the form //server/path/file.ext followed by # and then the name of the bookmark, as in this example:

For bookmarks on the same page, specify # and then the name of the bookmark, as in this example:

For email, specify the email name of the person to send to, as in this example:

For other protocols, specify the appropriate information for that protocol.


l   Target - Specifies the target window for the link.

l   Anchor - You can select a bookmark on the same page from Anchor drop-down list.