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2.4.1 Insert/Modify Image


Clicking this icon, the following dialog box will pop up:


If an image is NOT selected, clicking this icon will open the Image Manager.

If an image IS selected, then clicking this icon will open the 'Modify Image Properties' popup window.

To modify the image properties of the selected image, set the required attributes and click the 'OK' button.



eWebEditor provides the function of uploading local files. That is to upload the images in client computer to the server, so that other clients can also view these images after being published.

There are two ways of setting the source of images. One is to input the image URL directly; the other is to select the images in local computer by click the button of "browse". After choosing one image file from local computer and clicking the button of "confirm", the image will be uploaded to the server and the dialog box of image properties will be closed automatically.



Clicking the button of "Preview", the image you select or input from the image source will appear in preview area of geometric proportion. And the width and height of the image will also be displayed in the preview area.

If there is no image preview after clicking the button of "Preview", please check your setting again. The image address you input may have errors.



eWebEditor offers you several special style effects of image. You can select a desirous effect from the style drop-down list.

The special effects include: Alpha, Blur, Wave, Gray, Chroma, DropShadow, Shadow, Glow, Flipv, Fliph, Grays, Xray, Invert, etc.