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2.4.3 Image Gallery


Click this icon; the following dialog box will pop up.

View: Thumbnails (Default)

View: Details

Click on a column title to sort by that column; click again to reverse the sort.

View: Icons

View: List


View image gallery dialog box interface is similar to that of Windows explorer. It is simple to use. In the left it is a tree-like classification directory list and in the right it is the files of the selected folder. In this dialog box you can arrange files in positive sequence or reverse order according to files name, files class, modifying time and file size. There are thumbnail, detailed data, list and icon, four modes for your choice.

It is much worth of mentioning that the view file gallery has powerful client buffer characteristic. All files are read only one time in server, greatly speeding up the view rate and reducing the consumption of server resource.

Click the picture you want to insert and then click "OK". The selected picture would be inserted to the editing area of eWebEditor at once.


Uploaded image gallery:

Including all image files uploaded through editor by all users.


Share image gallery:

All files saved in the editor root directory sharefile/image/. You can set up subdirectory according to your need.

Caution: please set your folder name in English if you want to build directory. URL may not display it normally if it is in Chinese and other special characters. Thus we do not suggest using it except for English.


Note: eWebEditor has functions of viewing flash gallery, viewing media gallery and other file gallery. The operation and interface are similar to such dialog box.


You can see the online Demo for this function by the following link: