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2.4.4 Capture Screen


Click this icon, the following dialog box will pop up.

Bring the window you want to capture to the front, and then click "Capture".

Selection: hold the left key of the mouse, drag it to the desired position, and then release the mouse to complete the selection of the selection. At the moment, you can drag and move the selection up and down and left and right to adjust its size. Click the right key to re-select the selection.

After confirming the selection, double-click to complete the Capture. The screenshot will be automatically uploaded to the server.

Click the right key of the mouse at any time to exit the Capture interface and cancel the Capture operation.



1. The captured picture will be saved in the Window's clipboard, and you can also paste in other graphics software or Word software.

2. The using of this function requires the support of "eWebEditor client software".