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2.8.1 Online Install / Download Install

When clicking the function that requires the installation of controls for use, the system will automatically try Online Install. At the same time, the interface will display the installation progress. When the installation is finish, the interface will display "finish". For V5.2 version, we provide you a download and installation mode, that is, when IE security settings cannot be installed online, you can click the tips on the page to download the installer, and then double-click to install it. Using the download and installation mode, you do not have to think about IE technical settings, and if Online Install is not successful, the installation will be much simpler.

The installation interface is as follows:

Choose Online Install to enter into the formal online installation page.

Installing eWebEditor ActiveX...

Depending on your security settings, you may see a warning at the top of your browser prompting you to allow the download of eWebEditor ActiveX.

1.    Did you notice the Information Bar?

2.    If this happens, select the "Click here" link and choose "Install ActiveX control".

3.    If a browser security warning dialog box appears, click "Install".

4.    Installation Success!

The main page will remind you that "the installation is finished".