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3.2.5 Security Instructions (important)

EWebEditor contains background management procedures, so in order to ensure that your program security, please pay attention to change the background password, or delete the background management program when your program formally reaches the server.

1.     Change the password

Location: (ASP edition)   http://yoursite/ewebeditor/admin/default.asp

          (JSP edition)   http://yoursite/ewebeditor/admin/default.jsp

          (PHP edition)   http://yoursite/ewebeditor/admin/default.php

          (.NET edition)  http://yoursite/ewebeditor/admin/default.aspx

Default username: admin

Default password: admin


Log in the background by the above default account, and change the password. Do not use a simple password, and try to get a strong password one with its length above 8 digits.


2.     Retrieve the password

Your password is saved in the following configuration file. You can open it in the notepad program.

Location: (ASP edition)   ewebeditor/asp/config.asp

          (JSP edition)   ewebeditor/jsp/config.jsp

          (PHP edition)   ewebeditor/php/config.php

          (.NET edition)  ewebeditor/aspx/config.aspx


3.     Delete the background(best security)

The background and foreground of the EWebEditor program are separated, so you can delete the background program from the server after using the background, and upload again when needed.

This is the best way to ensure the security to prevent the password being guessed and invaded through the hackers in the background program.

Delete the folder: ewebeditor/admin/.


4.     General knowledge about website security

The security of a website is connected with each program in the website. As long as one program gets some security problems, your whole system might be hacked.

So, please try not to use the program without a clear source in a website, and do not use the program you don't understand its security settings.