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3.2.6 Upgrade Instructions

The following upgrade methods support the upgrade of V5.0 program to the latest version.

Upgrade steps:

1.     Backup

Rename the "ewebeditor" folder in your current use as "ewebeditor_old".


2. Copy the latest program file

Create a folder named "ewebeditor" with a same name with the original editor folder where the original editor program locates.

Copy the newly obtained program to the folder.


3. Replace configuration files

Use your old configuration files to replace the initial ones of the new program.

ASP edition: use "ewebeditor_old/asp/config.asp" replace "ewebeditor/asp/config.asp"

JSP edition: use "ewebeditor_old/jsp/config.jsp" replace "ewebeditor/jsp/config.jsp"

PHP edition: use "ewebeditor_old/php/config.php" replace "ewebeditor/php/config.php"

.NET edition: use "ewebeditor_old/aspx/config.aspx" replace "ewebeditor/aspx/config.aspx"

4. Upgrade configuration files

Enter into the background management interface of the editor, and log in, then the program will upgrade automatically.

By now, the upgrade is finished!


5. After configuration

After the configuration, you can test whether the functions can be normally used.

If so, you can delete the old file named "ewebeditor_old" according to your needs.

If not, you can use the file recovery in "ewebeditor_old", and contact us about upgrade questions.



1. Please backup the original program, so as to restore immediately if the upgrade is not successful, which will not affect the normal use of your site.

2. If your upload folder is default, that is, remove the files in "ewebeditor_old/upload file" to a new directory after it finishes the upgrade.