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3.2.7 Installationof Math Formula Editing Plug-in

This installation is an optional installation.

eWebEditor offers an interface for plug-in of WEBEQ maths formula editing.

WEBEQ is an interactive maths formula editor developed by Design Science, Inc. More details see:


Currently, eWebEditor supports WEBEQ3.0 Version. You must install WEBEQ3.0 plug-in on client system to activate this function of browsing or editing formula normally.

WEBEQ3.0 requires Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM) support.

After getting authorized WEBEQ program files, all you have to do is to copy WebEQinstall.cab in WEBEQ program files to the directory of ewebeditor/dialog. In that way, you have completed integration of WEBEQ with eWebEditor.

After completing copy as above, when the final consumer clicks on the operational icon of formula editing, if the client system has no WEBEQ, the system will prompt installation of WEBEQ plug-in.

Note:  WEBEQ3 requires MSJVM support. Please install MSJVM before installation of WEBEQ.

Besides content editing, when browsing contents with formula, it also requires the client system to install WEBEQ browsing plug-in to make the formula visible. You can provide a special page in your system for installation of WEBEQ plug-in. For example, create a special webpage by the following codes and name the webpage as "installwebeq.html". When customer visits this page, it will prompt installation of WEBEQ plug-in automatically.  The codes are:



<TITLE>Installing WEBEQ3.0</TITLE>



<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:41649A90-B484-11d1-8D75-00C04FC24EE6" CODEBASE="....../ewebeditor/dialog/WebEQInstall.cab#Version=3,0,1,6" HEIGHT=1 WIDTH=1></OBJECT>



Please change the path of plug-in in the above codes to your own installation path.


Note: we only provide interface for WEBEQ and eWebEditor integration. We do not offer marketing or technical support concerning WEBEQ programs. All rights concerning WEBEQ are reserved for its copyrights holder.