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3.3.6 Calling Methods of the ASP.NET Server Controls in VS

Note: All descriptions in this section only apply to ASP.NET version.

The following example of VS2005 interface illustrates how to use the integration of eWebEditor server controls, and the use methods of other VS versions are similar.

1. Copy the entire ewebeditor file folders to the root directory of your website.

2. Move all .dll files under ewebeditor/bin/ to the /bin/ folder in the root directory of your website. Final structure is as follows:



In the "General" tab of VS toolbox, click right button, and then select "Choose Items..." in the pop-up menu..., illustrated as follows.


After clicking the "Choose Items..." menu above, the "Choose Toolbox Items"dialog box below will appear, and select the "Browse ..." in the dialog box.


In the browse dialog, select /bin/eWebEditorControl.dll file under the directory of your website, and then click "open".


You will see the following interface, and then click "OK".


After clicking "OK", you will see one more "eWebEditor" control in the "General" tab of the toolbox.


Hitherto, this control has been integrated into the VS environment, and now you can use it like other controls, drag this control into your interface. The dragging effect in the page is as follows.


Then you can set every property of eWebEditor, and you should pay attention to an item named BasePath, which refers to the file path of the file editor program, the default is "/ewebeditor/", if you use the virtual directory, please add the virtual directory name, or use a relative path, such as the default.aspx, the calling editor in the root directory, and you can set it as "ewebeditor/". If the 404 error appears during the runtime, it means this item has not been set correctly.


Example of get value and set value (CodeBehind)