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Attribute Name



Version number of the software, character , such as " 8.0 "


Replace the class name, character type, for the replacement of automatic style class name, the default value is" ewebeditor"

<textarea class="ewebeditor"></textarea>

The text box of class="ewebeditor" will be automatically replaced by the editor


Whether to enable the replacement of the automatic style class name. Boolean type. The default value is true


Base path of the editor directory, type of character. The default program will automatically detect the path, you can manually set this path, while using a special method call, but you can't automatically take it. For examples:

EWEBEDITOR.BasePath = "../ewebeditor/";

Methods Employed:

EWEBEDITOR.<Property Name>


<script type="text/javascript">

alert(EWEBEDITOR.Version);    //alert the version

EWEBEDITOR.BasePath = "../ewebeditor/";      //Set base path

ReplaceByClassName = "myclassname";

ReplaceByClassEnabled = false;