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3.7.12 remoteUpload


This function is to upload remote files to local server and at the same time to turn all the paths related to remote files into local paths

Remote files are the files on other WEB server. If your site is www.yoursite.com, and there is a file as <img src=http://www.othersite.com/xxx.gif in the content, this image is a remote file. But after being uploaded, the image path will be turned into local form as <img src=../xxx.gif>. 


object.remoteUpload(string strEventUploadAfter);


The sole parameter refers to the executing event after the program finishes uploading. If there is no executing event after uploading, this setting can be blank.


If this function is being executed while the form is being submitted, please delay this function after finishing validity checks of all forms. If one form has several editors, you can designate some editing content by the object name for uploading. 


The following example demonstrates the process of an editor named 'myEditor' to execute the work of uploading remote files and then submitting the form.

myEditor.remoteUpload ("doSubmit()");

function doSubmit(){



The complete examples can be found in the chapter of code example.