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3.8.2 Interface Providing Parameter List

All the interface parameters listed below are the supplied parameters. Those parameters not in the List are not supported. It is not necessary to set all parameters every time. Only those parameters require dynamic change are needed to set. If they are not set, set the parameter at the background.

[Parameter keyword]



Allowable upload file size means the size single file. All the upload file types are in accordance with this value. 0 means uploading is not allowed. Unit: KB.


Whether allow the server-side file browse? 0: No; 1 Yes


Space size limitation. Unit MB, digital format. When the uploaded file size occupying the space reaches this value. The files are not longer allowed to be uploaded.


When the limitation of the upload space size is set, detect the used spacepath. If it has not been set, take the upload path. If it has been set, take the setting here. The path must be the actual physical path, for example, "d:\user1\". It is usually used for the system like auto site. It does not limit the space for the upload file folders, but gives a total space size, including the space taken by other static files. It is usually calculated from the root directory of the website.


PathMode is corresponding to the "PathMode" value of background. There are four values:
0: relative path
1: absolute root path
2: absolute full path
3: off-site absolute full path


PathUpload is corresponding to the "PathUpload" value of background.


Cusdir is the same with the cusdir plaintext parameter function. The cusdir will create automatically if it does not exist here. Support multi-level directory, for example, "user1/upload/". Actual uploadpath= PathUpload + PathCusDir.


PathCode also called ContentPath is corresponding to the "ContentPath" value of background.


PathView referred to the path where the foreground display page is located is corresponding to the "PathView" value of background. For example, if the content editor is submitted, it will  be displayed on the page /article/view.asp at the foreground and the PathView is set as "/article/view/". The PathView must begin with "/".

Explanation: Each path mode and path value format in the above list is corresponding to that of the background. Please refer to the detail explanation of "Style Attribute Setting" Chapter in the "Visualized Configuration Management".