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3.9.3 CustomizeFont Option of a Language

eWebEditor uses different font name drop-down options for different languages. So you can absolutely use some special font names for a language.

The definition of font name in dialog box or toolbar is in the language character definition files. The form is like:


You can find the definition of lang["FontName"] in these following codes.

lang["FontName"] = "<option value='Arial'>Arial</option><option value='Arial Black'>Arial Black</option><option value='Arial Narrow'>Arial Narrow</option><option value='Brush Script MT'>Brush Script MT</option><option value='Century Gothic'>Century Gothic</option><option value='Comic Sans MS'>Comic Sans MS</option><option value='Courier'>Courier</option><option value='Courier New'>Courier New</option><option value='MS Sans Serif'>MS Sans Serif</option><option value='Script'>Script</option><option value='System'>System</option><option value='Times New Roman'>Times New Roman</option><option value='Verdana'>Verdana</option><option value='Wide Latin'>Wide Latin</option><option value='Wingdings'>Wingdings</option>"

You can directly add or modify the desirous font options here.