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3.5.1 Background Management

After uploading relative files of eWebEditor to your WEB server, you can visit background management login webpage on the following links.


The page is displayed as follows.


System initial administrator's username and password are:

Username: admin

Password: admin

For security it is highly recommended that you change the Admin Username and Password to stop others messing up your system!


After logging in, you will enter the homepage of background management. The effect image is as follows:

On the whole background management interface, there are navigation bar on the left and operation area on the right. Except for version information of the system and our contacts, there are examinations of server's environment and system's notice as well.


Examination of server's environment

By examination of server environment, you can check the information of server environment, such as supporting situation of the component object in the space of your host computer.

When some functions need the support of server's components, you can make sure whether these additional functions can be used by checking the information.

At the same time, when you need technical support, you can send the information to us so that we can solve your problem quickly based on the information sent.


In background management, there is mostly function of visual configuration (style management). And you can also find the functions for the management of uploading files and modification of login password.

Note: The background management application requires the directory of eWebEditor has the writing right and WEB server supports relevant objects of writing files, such as FSO required by ASP version. This requirement only applies to programs of background management and there is nothing to do with the use of editor in foreground.