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3.5 Visual Configuration

Besides strong online editing function, eWebEditor has super online visual configuration function for developer.

Through online background administration, you can easily make visual configuration for style and management of uploaded files.

Visual configuration does free the developers from messy work of code configuration. The developers need no longer to spend several weeks understanding and reciting the program structure, object attributes and methods etc, which is required for customization. All you have to do for visual configuration is only a light click.

For example, among other similar products, developers may need to input the following codes in the script files to realize the function of toolbar configuration.

editor.ShowBorders = true ;

editor.Properties = value ;


editor.ToolbarSets["abc"] = [

  ['Cut','Copy','Paste','Undo','Redo','-','Bold','Italic','JustifyCenter'], ['key1','key2','key3']


] ;

In the above example, it is very difficult for developers to change those codes to realize configuration needed, since they have to face is a heap of codes. So it has relatively high requirements for the developers because they have to fully understand a lot of key words in the whole codes such as 'Cut', 'JustifyCenter' etc. They also have to understand every type of the attribute values and remember the valid range of value. Furthermore, though simply for settings, they may have to change several sections of code.

Using visual configuration, developers are not required to spend a lot of time understanding and remembering the program. After dimission of a developer, the enterprise needs no longer to worry that the new comers have to spend much time on studying, nor the enterprise needs a senior developer to use this product. Furthermore, the enterprise no longer needs to worry about the developer getting away such a long time from those key words required to complete configuration, that having forgotten them.

The advantages of visual configuration are very obvious. Now let us enter visual configuration to enjoy the pleasure of using it.