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3.5.8 Setting of the License Key

When the site was officially opened, in the non-native development environment, you need to set the license key, after that, every function of eWebEditor can be normally used.

When you get the license key you can click "License" which is on the left of the management, to enter the license key settings page, as follows:

Enter the license key you get in the license key input box, and then click to submit, and complete the settings of the license key.

You can click the "Home" in the navigation on the left side of the background to check whether your license key is valid in the "License Verification" at the home page on the background.


Tip: If you have multiple domain names for a site or multiple IP access, which means that you need multiple license keys in this configuration, you can enter more than one license key in the input box and separate it by English semicolons. Multiple authorized license keys will take effect in the meantime. Such as: