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3.5.6 Upload File Management

Except for the important function of visualized style configuration, eWebEditor also provide function of uploaded file management in background administration.

Here you can manage the files in your editor's uploaded files' directory, including browse, delete and empty.

Click on the "upload file management" button on the left of navigation page and enter the uploaded file management page. The interface will be like:

Since every style have different uploaded file directories, there is a drop-down list option for selecting style directory. After selecting one style, the page will display a list of all files in this directory. The following is the instruction for operating the list.

l   Browse
Click on "file address" in the list, a new window will pop up and point to this file.

l   Delete the selected file
Click on the option box on the right of the list (you can select several files at one time), then click on "delete the selected file" button, the selected files will be deleted.

l   Empty the directory
Clicking on this button will clear all files in the designated style directory. Be careful of using this function.