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3.5.7 ModifyUsername and Password

For the sake of system security, the background management requires administrator should log in by username and password. The initial setting is:

username: admin
password: admin

When you begin to use this system, we strongly recommend you to change the username and password to prevent hackers from logging in with initial username and password, and consequently changing your configurations. That will leave your site and system in danger.

Username and password information is saved in server configuration files. When you forget the username or password, you can get them back in the following files.

(ASP version): ewebeditor/asp/config.asp

(.NET version): ewebeditor/aspx/config.aspx

(PHP version): ewebeditor/php/config.php

(JSP version): ewebeditor/jsp/config.jsp


Note: After finishing all configurations, you can delete the directory of ewebeditor/admin without any influence to its usage. In that way, you should never be afraid that this background program could leave your site or system in danger.