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3.5.4 Toolbar Management

Through toolbar management, you can set the number of toolbar in editor's toolbar area, toolbar arrangement, button management on every toolbar. Now let us observe a toolbar-area effect of "coolblue" style. See the following image:

In the editor's toolbar area, we define one row in the above image as a toolbar. Then in "coolblue" style, we will find three toolbars with several functional buttons on each of them. 

To configure the toolbar, we can take the following steps.

Click "toolbar" button on the right of "coolbule" row in style management page, then you will enter the following toolbar management page.

In the above picture, we can find that the toolbar configuration is corresponding to the actual displaying effect.

Here you can freely customize the number of toolbar and its arrangement. The toolbar with smaller serial number will be placed in the upper position in actual displaying effect. All functions on toolbar management page are listed here:

l   Add a toolbar
 Input a name and a serial number of the toolbar and click "Add a toolbar", a new toolbar will be added to the toolbar list.

l   Modify toolbar
 Directly input toolbar's name and its serial number your want to modify in the toolbar list and click modify button.

l   Delete toolbar
To delete toolbar, click the delete button on the right of the row of the selected toolbar.

l   Button setting
 You can set the number of buttons and their arrangements on a designated toolbar. More details can be found in chapter of toolbar button management.


Note: The name of toolbar here is just for easily distinguishing and memorizing in the visible management interface. The name will not be displayed in editor.