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1.2.3 End User Benefits

l   WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
That means what you see in the windows when you edit HTML tag such as text or image etc. with eWebEditor looks the same as the webpage you publish on the net. In that way, eWebEditor makes it very convenient for the user to modify or typeset the editing contents.

l   Easy Usage
You do not need to know any type of markup or programming language to create HTML with eWebEditor. eWebEditor boasts a simple, intuitive interface. The editing and operating methods are similar to those of text processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Everything is done in eWebEditor's unique point-and-click interface. Even without experience in webpage making, the user can quickly learn how to use it.

l   Simple and Quick
Using a WYSIWYG editor, you can make excellent webpage with both text and images. If you make it through manually writing the codes, it will waste a lot of time and energy.

l   Specific Tasks Faster
 It is possible to do specific tasks much faster using a WYSIWYG editor than a text editor. For example, tables can be created with most WYSIWYG editors using a visual layout of the table. This is often much faster than typing out all the tags by hand.

l   Less Likely to Make Mistakes
While most text editors include tag validation or integrate with a validator, if you don't use the tools, you can still write tables without end tags that won't display in Netscape. WYSIWYG does the tags for you, so the only mistakes you'll make are in the design.