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1.4.1 [2012-03-01] eWebEditor Version 8.00

l          [Important] Add EWEBEDITOR objects more suitable for Ajax Applications, total call of JavaScript, support for asynchrony, and Create, Delete, and Insert, Replace, Replace All, Style Replace, Object Replace, Hide and other convenient and practical functions. It is more convenient for you to call each interface. Please refer to the User Manual and examples  for the details. 

l          Add JavaScript API, including setting read-only mode, focus and all the trigger interfaces of button functions.

l          Add the events callback processing mechanism, do further processing after version import or in other events.

l          Add method interfaces for input boxes calling upload dialog boxes, add support for onchange events processing, and add support return value method settings.

l          Add one-key processing module function, which can be set in the background. You can paste Word and Excel and do one-key typesetting. One-key processing can be operated according to the preset processing without a confirmation dialog box pop-up.

l          Add the automatic upload function of pictures when copying Jinshan WPS texts and WPS forms. 

l          Add functions of custom FSO component names and background settings to adapt to special security needs for changing names. [ASP version]

l          Add the function of automatic height adaption in the editing area. Setting the parameters to control whether to enable it. When enabling, the height of the editing area will automatically be adaptive to your input.

l          Add the width and height scaling function when uploading pictures.

l          Add three sample programs.

l          Optimize the left, center, right full-justified processing of the paragraph, support more paragraphs to be operated simultaneously and a wide range of real-time displaying of the current state.

l          Optimize Word and Excel import and paste, use the online style, and solve the problem that several contents in one page might influence each other. Solve wrong line effects when copying a form from Excel. Solve the problem that a general style might affect the page effect. Further simplify the output code. Remove the invalid cell code when copying from web pages to Word.

l          Optimize the solution to the possible name duplication problem when uploading local files, more detailed naming rules and file name existing detection.

l          Optimize the foreground by allowing displaying the file size more intuitively.

l          Optimize the background and management settings, allowing more possible path form settings of path models. 

l          Fix the problem that setting font size might leave the originally set font names lost.

l          Fix the wrong display positions in the dialog display effect.

l          Fix the possible problems of switching tabs of the dialog box under IE6.

l          Fix the problem that files might not be checked in some cases when uploading files in batches.

l          Fix the position problem of inserting a level bar in a limited width mode.

l          Fix the problems that the local files and files at the server in some cases can't be previewed in Firefox 7 above versions.

l          Fix the problems resulting from abolishing old interfaces of Firefox in Firefox 10 above versions.

l          For JSP version, fix the wrong management of backstage style management toolbars and problems of file size settings.

l          For JSP version, fix the problem that the self-page processing sample program might be in error when the content is too much.

l          For .NET version, fix the problems of interface display when enabling X-UA-Compatible in IIS 7 above versions.

l          Repair all known bugs.