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1.4.10 [2008-01-07] eWebEditor Version 5.00

l          Add dynamic calling interfaces of the fix width mode and interface language, and please see the details in the User Manual.

l          Add the fix width mode function so that the width of the editor can be set inconsistent with that of foreground system display area more closely. What you see is what you get. It is recommended to use.

l          Add two function menu buttons: font menu, text menu, paragraph style menu. All the drop-down list function buttons can be replaced by button forms to further reduce the space occupied by the toolbar.

l          Add the insert template function. Insert in the current position and Replace the entire document are the two options. The scaling preview function is available. It is very simple to add new templates.

l          Add support for the safe use in SSL (HTTPS) mode.

l          Add the setting to control whether to display a certain button of the status bar. Whether to display "code" "edit" and other buttons can be set in the background.

l          Add the background settings to select the newline model. Pressing the Return key in the editor can symbolize the input of paragraphs <P> or newline <BR>. Two patterns can be chosen.

l          Add the optimize skin interface function, and the system originally has 10 sets of skins, like Vista, Office2003, Office2000, OfficeXP and other styles.

l          For ASP.NET version, add the calling mode of client control. Add the two-way support between the integrated ASP system and ASP.NET system.

l          Enhance toolbar menus and right key menu functions with adaptive menu interface width and new skin functions.

l          Add support for calling Hide mode, which cannot display the editor when calling the web page, then use the script control to display and again optimize the possible overlap of toolbar buttons.

l          Enhance the Flash property function, support the mode modification and parameter settings of transparence and automatic broadcasting. Preview is available with support for right key property function.

l          Enhance the background toolbar button management with the visualized button selector. Support multiple selections, the Shift key, Ctrl key, double click and moving multiple ones up or down simultaneously. Optimize the data structure 

l          Enhance the picture preview with support for the preview with special effects.

l          Enhance the background upload management with support for preview and list dual-mode view of the uploaded file.

l          Optimize the structure of the entire system. Compared with the previous versions, the folder and file structure have a lot of adjustment with more explicit division of client and server programs.

l          Optimize the function button picture import, and all the pictures in picture toolbar are imported in the form of a single file, which greatly speeds up the loading speed of the editor with evident effects.

l          Optimize the user operations of the background picture dialog box, and add the initial positioning of the system pictures.

l          Optimize the case conversion function of letters. After conversion, correctly position to the original selection.

l          Fix the problem that hyperlinks cannot take the initial value in some cases.

l          Fix the wrong size settings of upload files. 

l          Fix the problem that the format cannot be cleared in some cases.

l          Fix the problem that there aren't any tips when copying and pasting from Word.

l          Fix the possible twice revocation after the operation of part of forms.

l          Fix the inconsistence between paragraph properties and key alignment.

l          Fix wrong plain text values getting from the client.

l          Fix wrong conversion in different status modes.

l          Repair all known bugs.