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1.4.12 [2007-03-01] eWebEditor Version 4.60

l          Add several setup options related to watermark, allow to apply literal watermark and image watermark in a picture simultaneously and able to set up the watermark position, margin, transparence, etc.

l          Add the function to self-definitely upload path port. And the background can set up it to be enabled or disable. Separately save different users' uploaded files in different directory with ease. And the host files review is connected to it and users can only review their own folders.

l          Solve the problem that the upload file port is invalid when the mode window occupies the editing area.

l          Solve the initial error when to occupy in IFRAME.

l          ASP.NET Version. Solve the errors detected by background environment.

l          Add the types of local upload file and size setup option.

l          Friendly optimized users. If the background is set to be disabling to upload files and the relative interface in the foreground will not display the uploaded operation.

l          Solve the copy problem of directory address with space when auto upload the local files.

l          Solve the problem that part of font effect cannot be modified caused by the style.

l          Enhance the self-defined control in optimized editing area according to language style.

l          JSP Version. Solve the discode problem of Chinese file name when uploading under WebSphere environment.