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1.4.13 [2006-12-03] eWebEditor Version 4.40

l          JSP Version. Solve the problem of writing file path in non-Window system background management.

l          PHP Version. Solve the Chinese language problem and some samples problem in background management under Apache service.

l          JSP and PHP Version. Optimize writing file format.

l          Optimize file format of language package style.

l          Solve the error arose out of picture hyperlink.

l          JSP Version. It will not write files to the auto created directory when auto remote uploading.

l          NET Version. Solve the problems coming up when to apply it in template and user control package.

l          Solve the problem that in path mode, when you copy something from other website, it cannot display all pictures contented.

l          Enhance the color dialog box and add shortcut selection for frequently used colors.

l          Enhance paragraph property dialog box and add pull-down menu for frequently used line space.

l          Solve the problem that error occurs when inserting dialog box and using the relative path in certain circumstance.

l          Add options for import EXCEL, and auto roll options to make large box avoid being invisible or zooming on the page. And the table frame options make the frameless work form with frame.

l          Enhance auto preview when to review uploaded pictures.

l          Add clients API; it can count content in editing area and get text of editing content.