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1.4.14 [2006-09-20] eWebEditor Version 4.30

l          Add the excel import function and enable you to import appointed excel and support to auto upload pictures and other files from Excel to server.

l          Newly improved undo and redo function. Support cursor point positioning and mode toggle positioning. And with intact undo and redo mode, including redo of unit step dialog operation, redo of size adjustment by dragging, etc.

l          Solve the problem of invalid of the setup of art font typeface and failure to display the insert sometimes.

l          Optimize the handling of alignment. For the paragraph alignment, when the object is control package, it can align the control package. And with quick mixing typeset of text and image.

l          Enhance the induction function of files with external style. Be able to apply absolute path form.

l          Solve the errors in ASP Version occurred when dealing with special symbols in uploaded files without component.

l          Solve the problem that the path of pictures from the system is incorrect.

l          Solve the problem that pictures from Word2003 document fail to auto upload when importing Word.

l          Solve the problem that when the port of auto and remote upload turns back, there is one excessive empty file.

l          Solve the problem that when editing in full screen, after enlarging and inducing operation on the window of state bar, the window will not be able to recover.

l          Optimize the auto upload handling and error capturing of the client software.

l          Optimize part of codes and improve editing speed. Heal all current BUGs.