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1.4.15 [2006-07-20] eWebEditor Version 4.00

l          Finish the arrangement of a detailed new version user manual of more than 100 pages.

l          Enhance the font size and name to be style control. It can define font of any size and is not just limited in sizes from one to seven. Words from Word document can as well be modified on its font effect.

l          Enhance the import function button of Word document. If you import two the same document, you can upload pictures and graphics from Word document to host. When importing, there are mode options for whether to keep the VML format. If you choose VML format, the graph will not create picture, otherwise it will produce pictures and upload to host.

l          Enhance the function button to auto upload local files. With this function, when you copy Word document, it will auto upload pictures from Word document to host and meanwhile you can choose to insert VML style or the default Word style which does not exist in JIANTIEBAN.

l          Add the function to auto upload local file when Word pasting. When pasting it will pop up prompt dialog box, and it can process the pasted content according to your selected options. Solve the problem that pictures cannot be uploaded and the style is inconsistent after Word document copying.

l          Add the border effect options for table dialog and alignment options for characters. This function enables to create mongline table effect easily. And meanwhile modify the default effect of inserted table and to display it in mongline.

l          Solve the problem that when dragging one or more pictures, the picture path would auto turn to full path mode.

l          Solve the problem that when linking the thumbnail to the original big picture, it will not use the corresponding path format according to the background setup.

l          Solve the problem that when using relative path mode, errors occur to the path of uploaded pictures and server files.

l          Optimized ASP/ASP.NET version. It defaults to support transparent watermark when using ASP jpeg components.

l          Solve the problem of JS error arose when to upload files with special name in ASP version.

l          Solve the problem that it fails to create thumbnail under Linux system in PHP version.

l          Optimize PHP version, unify the output tags and support the setup of default environment of new version.

l          Solve the problem that the watermark and thumbnail are invalid when using auto directory building in JSP version.

l          Solve the problem that thumbnails would be created immovably and the background switch became invalid in JSP version.

l          Solve the problem that in JSP version when remote downloading files, it just saves but fails to replace the path and files in upper case.

l          Solve the problem that it would not get files both in lower and upper case when remote downloading files.

l          Optimize ASP.NET version speed up program execution and exit.

l          Repair all known bugs.