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1.4.17 [2005-01-21] eWebEditor Version 3.60

l          Add function of insertion and modification of artistic font, which could be applied to create text with special effect on the webpage.

l          Add function of paragraph property including right click function, which could be used to apply one or more paragraph style and set paragraph indent, row space to make the text paragraph looks clearer and cleaner.

l          Add function of thumbnail, text watermark, image watermark, with which you can set the size of thumbnail, creation condition of thumbnail, content, color, font and shadow of watermark text etc.

l          Add citing interface for outside style table. You can control the effect of edit area by using the same table style with the website to make the editing content effect is identical with effect of the display.

l          Add self-adaptation function to all the dialog box, with which, the size of dialog box can be adjusted automatically according to client's operational system to adapt for the langue and platform changes. So you will no longer have the problem of button partially displaying in WINXP SP2 or button looking too big in WIN2000 or WIN98.

l          Add one package of XP blue button images. The system has two default packages of button images.

l          In image insertion or modification dialogue box, add image preview with zoom in and out, and the function of display original size.

l          Multi-language environment improvement with full UTF-8 format support.

l          Repair ASP, ASP.NET edition's support problem to old edition's sa-fileup upload packs.

l          Repair every edition's script error when inserting on current location while edit area does not get focus.

l          Repair errors on upload file type in PHP edition, errors on dialogue box under LINUX system, and errors on path of upload files.

l          Repair problem that some images are unable to be viewed.

l          Modify some default settings and optimize the most frequently used functional buttons.

l          Repair problem that some ASP image watermark is not available.

l          Repair problem of no effect for setting word spacing in paragraph preference dialogue box.

l          Repair problem of some styles being lost while copy files from Word.

l          Repair errors on file path under Linux system in JSP edition.

l          Repair problem of inverted comma being transferred into SBC base when pasting files in code mode.

l          Repair all known bugs.