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1.4.2 [2011-10-17]eWebEditor Version 7.80

l          Add the direct support of IE9 standard mode and non-compatible mode.

l          Add the support of the background to the Firefox browser.

l          Add the watermarking function of remote upload, local upload, screen capture, copy, etc, and set watermark switches of different upload types and modes in the background.

l          Add the minimum height settings, allowing the editor to bounce back when adjusting its size.

l          Optimize batch upload function, support a more sizable single file and over LONG value (2147483647 bytes, about 2 G), a single measured 3 G file can be uploaded on intranet.

l          Optimize the support of the absolute full path outside the website to the non-HTTP beginning path.

l          Optimize width and height adjustment function when dragging a form in order to greatly improve the efficiency and solve the problem of flashing lag of the cursor.

l          Fix the problems that some documents might affect the foreground displaying the page style and, some documents might not be able to upload pictures and table cell width might be in error in the Word import, Word paste, Excel import, Excel paste functions, and optimize the processing mode.

l          Fix the problem that local pictures can't be previewed on IE9.

l          Fix the problem that inserting the Excel OWC object is invalid and it can't be edited.

l          Fix the problem that network pictures can't be browsed and imported pictures can't be uploaded when enabling advanced security interface to define the path directory.

l          Fix the problem that small keyboard does not support in part of the digital import boxes.

l          Fix the problem that the existing page break will be lost when the background selects "do not automatically page for the existing pagination".

l          For .NET version: fix the problem that calls might not be normal when using Firefox browser 3.5 above versions.

l          For ASP version: fix the problem of the coding support of IIS to UTF-8 under the Win2000+IIS5.

l          For JSP version: fix the wrong upload path when arraying multi-level directory and wrong program when WEB server program is installed in the special path. Fix support for Oracle IAS server. Fix the wrong path settings in some circumstances.

l          For JSP version: optimize utf-8 File I/O, support for the use of JAR package form, and the authorized processing in cluster service.

l          Repair all known bugs.