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1.4.20 [2004-05-20] eWebEditor Version 2.75

l          Add management dialogue windows of anchor tag, with which you can add, delete, and modify the tag. At the same time we add anchor tag option to hyperlink dialogue box to realize the skipping function in the same page.

l          Using application to replace the operation of database reading and transferring process to enhance effectiveness greatly. That also makes the loading of webpage basically as still webpage.

l          Solve the problem of path by adding path mode configuration in background and to permit the files path to be relative path, absolute root path, and absolute full path.

l          Fully integrate the remote files automatic upload function and delete previously offered interface file of ReplaceRemoteUrl.asp to integrate it in edit function. In that way eWebEditor realized truly automatic upload. In background we add configuration for the size and type of permitted upload remote files and you can choose whether to use automatic upload function. We also add manual upload button. Push that button. You can see the upload files in edit windows. The same as previous upload files, we offer you remote upload file interface too.

l          Add common used shortcut. Here is the current shortcuts list:

n          valid shortcuts in any kind of mode
F1: show help information
F2: show or hide guideline
Ctrl+1: shift to code edit mode
Ctrl+2: shift to visualized edit mode
Ctrl+3: shift to plain text edit mode
Ctrl+4: shift to preview mode
Ctrl++: enlarge edit area
Ctrl+-: dwindle edit area
Ctrl+Enter: submit

n          valid shortcuts in three edit modes
Ctrl+A: select all
Ctrl+C: copy
Ctrl+X: cut
Ctrl+V: paste
Ctrl+Z: undo
Ctrl+Y: restore
Ctrl+F: search

n          valid shortcut in visual design edit mode
Ctrl+B: bold
Ctrl+I: italic
Ctrl+U: underline
Ctrl+D: paste from Word
Ctrl+R: search and replace
Shift+Enter: soft enter equal to insert <br>

l          Add upload pack option. Now we have added ASPUpload, SA-FileUp, and LyfUpload pack support

l          Add function of automatically creating directory for upload files. You can choose whether to create and save directories according to date in background. If you need FSO support, eWebEditor offer you options for directory of year, directory of year and month, and directory of year, month and day. 

l          Add one code example of simple news management system with ACCESS as database. There are detailed explanations of these codes, which almost involve all eWebEditor functional call.

l          Add pop-up windows call interface. When call by popup.asp, you can restore value to previous edit box after editing the pop-up windows. Accordingly eWebEditor add functional button of saving and restoring of pop-up windows.

l          Add functional button of saving and restoring of pop-up windows, which can be used coordinately with pop-up windows call.

l          Add site browsing button to make it more convenient to visit online instruction manual.

l          Add options of whether to show guidelines in defaulted loading in. The default configuration is not to show the guidelines.

l          Add more images of file types.

l          Repair the problem of being unable to upload remote image automatically in strike domain name.

l          Repair the problem of having port number when inserting file path in customized relative path.

l          Repair some probably existing hidden security holes.

l          Repair the problem of repeated upload of the same picture in automatic remote upload function.

l          Repair the problem of no input interface when inserting background picture in tables.

l          Repair the problem that the width or height of the tables and images cannot be modified after adjustment by dragging.

l          Repair the problem that undo and redo in the menu cannot be applied because of DHTML interface methods provided by IE.

l          Cancel automatically focus acquiring by edit area while loading.

l          Change to upload file interface: SourceFileName in v2.16 edition was changed into OriginalFileName. At the same time, add a saving file name with path: SavePathFileName.

l          Change the names of style provide by the system to uniform criterion name. Except defaulted standard, all the names of system style were changed into one with s_ as the front.

l          Update online help files, update online presentation, and update online read me document.