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1.4.22 [2004-04-01] eWebEditor Version 2.00

l          Add plain text input function with client IE edition automatic checking mechanism. If edition do not meet the need, it will not run mistakenly, but you can only input plain text.

l          Add functional button of image hot link, with which you can link separate area of an image. That is the original creation for online editing.

l          Add upload file interface, with which you can obtain original file name and actual saved files list from client or server. You can also save them to database or image news.

l          Add object option for hyperlink, modify original link windows by IE and offer public call.

l          Add paste function in code mode or plain text mode and reduce row spacing automatically to match with standard style.

l          Add one cool blue style, which is very beautiful. It provided 9 styles itself.

l          Repair a JS error when the size of upload files is larger than a setting character.

l          Repair a minor error when getting remote images automatically. That file is ReplaceRemoteurl.asp.

l          Repair the bug of guideline disappearing when you switched to edit state again after you show the guideline in edit and switch to code or preview state.

l          Repair the error when display is empty, there is still symbol of <p></p>.

l          Repair the error notice of unable to use special characters when setting relative path in background management.

l          Eliminate the redundant codes after uploading pictures.

l          Repair errors of unable to filter in decode.asp.

l          Repair problems in background path settings, allowed the use of format such as "/", "\"or "..".

l          Repair problem of not considering port number when using relative path.

l          Consummate management of background uploads files to allow management of files in multi-style directories.

l          Repair problem of garbled character.

l          Add checks on whether directories exist in background upload files management to avoid webpage errors.

l          Add original setting for plain text mode in background management.

l          Repair the problem of style lost when return from full screen in preview mode.

l          Repair problem of link URL changing when shifting between edit mode and code mode.

l          Repair the problem of border attribute lost when inserting pictures.

l          Update instruction document to add several examples of actual operation.