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1.4.25 [2003-12-01] eWebEditor Version 1.00

l          Emphasis alteration: all dialogue boxes were changed from dynamic to still webpage, which could alleviate burdens of the server by canceling previous ways of transferring and changed to object citing.

l          Repair the problem of focus losing when using plain text paste and paste from Word function.

l          Repair the problem of submitting error after modification of image properties.

l          Repair the problem of distortion of popup dialogue box in WINXP system.

l          Repair the problem of unable to submit command of inserting Flash animators from URL.

l          Further regulate main file code structure, reduce size of main file and speed up the load in process.

l          Add application situation explanations in instruction document.

l          Separate the settings of background color of text and cells of table.

l          Set customization concerning colors in standard style as absolute colors to make all the standard styles in various operation systems consistent.

l          Add pull-down tool of paragraph style to enable you to configure the paragraph style.

l          Add functional button of object background color, with which you can set the background color for table cell, table row, table and the whole webpage.

l          Add functional button of enlarging font setting.

l          Add functional button of dwindling font setting

l          Add hidden status bar setting function in background management.

l          Add options for whether to automatically check paste from Word in background management.

l          Allow multi-styles in background management and enable you to copy specific style.

l          Add one style of its own which is suitable for small edit area. The best width is 500 with all common functional buttons.

l          To further regulate the criterion, we add more suitable explanations and change the advanced call by editing status function of ChangeMode() to setMode().