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1.4.26 [2003-11-13] eWebEditor Version 1.00 beta2

l          Through two weeks of interior test, all aspects of this Version have been tested separately. Now we formally publish the Public Beta Version to make full preparation for the release of our Official Version 1.00

l          Add functions of paste from Word, plain text paste, clever paste examination, full-screen edit, return to full-screen edit.

l          Formally add advanced functions which include setHTML (html), getHTML (), insertHTML (html), appendHTML (html), setMode (NewMode).

l          Optimize some codes, set the directory structure, and rename image files.

l          Add function of setting the extended name and size of upload files according to mode.

l          Perfect the readme and instruction document.

l          List the main functions which are needed to add in next time's updating.

l          Public Beta Version.