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1.4.3 [2011-02-25] eWebEditor Version 7.30

l          Add the save function according to the original name of the upload file, which allow to choose a variety of file names save modes adapting to different environment, and customize automatic naming formats with a same name .

l          Add the automatic type directory function, which allow saving files to different directories according to their types, and customizing directory names.

l          Add the width and height dragging adjustment function of table cells, and the effect is very good with support for width and height simultaneous adjustment and only the width or the height.

l          Add before the paragraph, after the paragraph, character front and front size settings in one-key typesetting function, and set the initial value of the character font and font size in the background.

l          Add multiple settings in the background, including: automatic directory sequence settings, initial mode settings of Word import.

l          Add support for Chinese domain names.

l          Fix the problem that the first paragraph of a plain text format is ineffective in one-key typesetting.

l          Fix the problems that the cursor may fail after copying from Word, and that blank lines may be lost, and that Win7 might be in errors.

l          Fix the problem that options of the page border sometimes may fail in Word import function in Office2007.

l          Fix the problem that the batch upload function may be in error in choosing several directory files.

l          Optimize the client control internal processing and internal sending system.

l          For JSP version: improve the file path processing method and release it in the form suitable for war package.

l          For PHP version: improve the use of iconv parameter to handle character conversion.

l          For .NET version: modify the Firefox support of user control modes, and fix wrong compiled version numbers.

l          Repair all known bugs.