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1.4.4 [2010-10-11] eWebEditor Version 7.00

l          Add support for Mozilla Firefox (Firefox browser) and Google Chrome (Google browser).

l          Add multi-document simultaneous upload, large file upload function, and block files upload, progress bar display and document client filtering. Customize the block size, multifold and solo file modes, the permitted file type and size, and whether to enable, etc.

l          Improve the beautification dialog box interface, and use the layer window mode. The size of an automatic dialog box can be dragged free from the limits of IE pop-up window management program with any ugly status bar and address bar in the pattern window.

l          Enhance the media inserting function. Support FLV, Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime and various plug-in types, which can be selected automatically and also can be customized with media support preview and support for large files upload.

l          Optimize the ActiveX control installation method needed by senior functions, fully supporting online installation and guiding tutorial online installation. It also can be installed even if it is not permitted by IE security with real-time display of whether the installation is finish state.

l          Add the option cards of the support dialog so that the dialog box can have a better interface and interface layout, which also facilitates the expansion in the future.

l          Add fictional operators in display block, so that the block can be displayed under an editing mode, and the default state also can be set in the background.

l          Optimize the toolbar under the non-visual editing mode, and add the toolbar operator group settings under the non-visual editing mode in the background. 

l          Add the code format function. When it is enabled, the code mode will display nicer codes after format, and the enabled state and parameters can be set in the background.

l          Improve the maximization function mode so that pop-up windows are not used and the widows are maximized in the operating interface not subject to the pop-up window management of IE and displaying the current state in the toolbar.

l          Add protection modes for the script, style and object in visible editing, so that the code after several times switching still remains the same.

l          Add the paste function of the forced plain text, and enable it in the background.

l          Kernel codes are completely rewritten, and many historical structural problems have been improved, and several known BUG are fixed.

l          Repair all known bugs.