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1.4.5 [2009-11-10] eWebEditor Version 6.80

l          Add the page function with an eWebEditor standard mode and a custom page break mode as two optional operators, and the custom page break can be set in the background, including the automatic page of the page management, the function to submit the automatic page function and background page settings, which can support the page title function of the system of a large article. Add the page management and inserting page break functional operators. Support normal displaying of page content when the display page of the foreground is not processed and smooth transition of the original data. Meanwhile, the sample code files of the foreground display page treating the page break are also added.

l          Add Excel paste and Excel import/paste treatment optimization, and Excel import/paste support simultaneous turning into pictures of multiple Sheets.

l          Add advanced security interfaces with Session transmitting and MD5 encrypting to ensure the safety of important sets, which enables you to set some important parameters by the dynamic state of the program with support for the settings of file size, file browsing, file path, space restrictions and other parameters.

l          Add the simulated thumbnail function, and it does not support generating small pictures but support their automatic displaying and their linking to large ones, which is suitable for improving the server's properties, reducing the files' number, and demanding high quality pictures, and is also suitable for the case where the server does not support the graphics processing module.  

l          Add the upload space limit function to prevent possible malicious rubbish files occupying whole space. The upload space limit in the advanced security interface support different users setting different space limits, and support the independent space testing path different from the upload path that is often used for self- help building website and other systems which restrict the user space.

l          Add judgment conditions mode options for thumbnail generation, which supports three modes of automatic detection of whether to generate a thumbnail according to the width only, according to the height only and according to the width and height at the same time.

l          Add the zoom-in or zoom-out buttons on the status bar, which can be set Hide in the background.

l          Optimize the test code, which evidently speed up the text editing fast input. 

l          Optimize the automatic date directory function of the upload path with support for the multi-layer automatic directory of arbitrary formats of key word forms.

l          Optimize picture copied from the resource manager resource management with support for sorting.

l          Fix possible mistakes in full-screen editing.

l          Fix the problem that remote files might be uploaded for many times in absolute total path mode.

l          Fix the problem that the ActiveX client control may have its memory greatly increased which contributes to the retreating of IE in special circumstances.

l          Fix the errors appearing when several pictures are using the graphics hot link function.

l          For PHP version, fix the errors appearing when the advanced interface customizes the upload file path.

l          For PHP version, fix the possible authorization errors.

l          Repair all known bugs.