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1.4.6 [2009-04-01] eWebEditor Version 6.20

l          Add the simultaneous paste function of multiple pictures, and support the simultaneous local upload of multi-files. Multiple pictures are copied from the Window resource manager, and then are pasted in the editor, that is, the copied pictures are uploaded to the server and are displayed in the editor.

l          Add picture conversion function when pasting from Excel, and enhance the paste special function.

l          Add the thumbnail mode function, and three models of generating the thumbnail can be set in the background, which can directly generate the thumbnail without the original picture.

l          Add background "link types" settings with two optimized modes to choose from, namely, http and https. Solve the problem of clicking two times for retreat.

l          Optimize the "Word paste" detection as "Advanced paste automatic detection", in addition to Word paste, which also supports other formats of paste types. Through the background settings, the administrator can close the tips without installing the client control and paste, but close is not recommended for that may cause many functions to disappear.

l          Optimize the bottom layer mode of the editor, which greatly accelerate the editing efficiency and solve the slowness of moving the direction key.

l          Optimize the upload function of local files, and use client first judgment effectiveness when uploading all local files to accelerate the efficiency.

l          Fix the rules of one-key typesetting function. When save the picture is checked but save the form unchecked, pictures in the form will be saved.

l          Fix the errors in the upload function of local files of V6.0 version.

l          Fix the tips of possible error of right-hand menu paste.

l          Fix the problem that the remote upload will upload the files in the website once again files when using the absolute total path mode outside the website.

l          For ASP version, fix the problem that the upload is still permitted with background setting as zero when using non-component upload class.

l          Repair all known bugs.