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1.4.7 [2008-12-01] eWebEditor Version 6.00

l          Add the super screenshot function so as to automatically upload the screenshots to the server and adjust the screenshot area size and mobile screenshot area, PNG format, and display screenshot area size and operation tips.

l          Add the one-key typesetting and noise words clearing function. The standard layout can be quickly finished in one page, including: setting zero before and after a paragraph, indenting the first line, row spacing, justifying align, clearing empty space and other common options. The noise words clearing function with four optional modes is highly recommended, of which the automatic detection mode can analyze CCS definition of the original copy website and can automatically detect various types of noise words. If those are handled immediately when pasted from other websites, the detection will be more effective, and basically, all kinds of noise words can be handled.

l          Add the real-time display of the font effect and state function in the current selection or the position of the cursor.

l          Add the import page effect options of importing Word with import page width, page margin, enhanced border effect and automatic scrolling. By this function, the imported Word document is basically same with that in Word with good effect.

l          Add automatic width and height detection function of Flash, which can automatically detect the width and height and does not need manual filling when uploading swf files.

l          Add the function of saving contents as pictures in Word import and Word paste, which can save the whole Word document or the portion of the text you choose to copy as pictures so as to keep the released effect same with Word and help to protect the content of the document. Pictures of GIF, JPG, PNG formats can be chosen.

l          Add the functions of selective paste and intelligent paste, which can paste the pictures in the clipboard to editing areas with support for QQ screenshots, Photoshop, drawing and other image processing copy, and then paste directly in the editor with pictures automatically sending to the server, which is an automatic process. GIF, JPG, PNG format images can be chosen.

l          Add support for the LV media inserting function in the same page with inserting Flash.

l          Add read-only function interfaces. The text within the editor can't be modified when using the interface with two options of with and without the status bar. 

l          Add the graphic elements processing of the ASP version and ASP.NET version. Aspjpeg1.3+ and aspjpeg1.8+can be chose in the background, and the new elements can greatly improve the watermark effect of pictures with support for transparent png format.

l          Enhance the Word import of all kinds processing function with full support for Office2007.

l          Optimize the left, right and center quick treatment effect of pictures.

l          Optimize the support for paragraph justified alignment for Chinese.

l          Fix the problem of incorrect page number during tabbed browsing and optimize page displaying effect.

l          Fix possible mistake of path with terminal number.

l          Fix the problem of invalid alignment function during fixing Word import.

l          Fix the problem of invalid blank line during Word import.

l          Fix the problem of name duplication of concurrent files during Word import.

l          Fix possible mistakes of local automatic upload.

l          Fix Word reminding mistakes in some pages.

l          For JSP version, fix possible excessive slashes in the path.

l          For JSP version, correct mistake of halted system during JspSmartupload uploading module.

l          For PHP version, add ini upload limit reminder.

l          For PHP version, fix the problem of invalid background setting in CSS mode.

l          For PHP version, fix the problem of malfunction of uploading limit in background setting.

l          For .NET version, fix possible mistake of custom interface during using of custom control calling mode.

l          Repair all known bugs.