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1.4.8 [2008-07-11] eWebEditor Version 5.50

l          Add dialog boxes for uploading file interface. You can use the file uploading function automatic with the browser in import box of any webpage to upload file and browse the files uploaded before in the server, and return to the path file name of uploaded file in the import box. You can call at any position of a webpage, it supports upload in types and thumbnail calling, and can be set at the background of editor. With only a line of calling codes, you can add file uploading function for your website.

l          Add customized uploading paths mode-out-of-site absolute full path mode. With this function you can upload the file the site out of the current website or another server, making pictures and other files stored on a file server for sharing through other websites.

l          Add CSS modes setting in editing area: normal mode, Word import mode. Only by setting at the background you can realize best Word import effect.

l          Add the automatic upgrading configuration file function, while upgrading to a new version, the original configuration can be kept and do not need re-setting. It supports automatic upgrading of versions later than 5.0.

l          Add the paging function of browsing server terminal file to solve the problem of pictures slowing unfolding, which can be added to the window status. When opening the dialogue box next time, paging, sorting and the viewgraph settings of closing last time can be retained.

l          Add function switches for whether to adopt watermark option in foreground user interface and setting in background.

l          Fix the problem of design mode script possibly being implemented.

l          Fix the problem of invalid line advancing mode in some situations.

l          Fix the problem of the path becoming full path during word copy.

l          Fix possible problems of Word import.

l          Fix the problem of the partial incorrect path during the relative path mode.

l          Fix the problem of invalid transformation of lists and preview modes in the background upload files management.

l          Fix the possible focus problem under the fix width mode.

l          Fix the invalid setting in the background whether to initialize to display the guidelines.

l          For JSP version, fix the problem that some files cannot be uploaded when using the upload elements of commons file upload.

l          For JSP version, fix the problem in the path setting of the picture watermark.

l          Repair all known bugs.